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    Traffic violations can be as minor as speeding or as significant as hit and run. Most minor offenses are taken care of with a fine, but more serious charges include the possibility of punishment that includes jail time. Learn what King Law Firm can do for your traffic violations.

    The King Law Firm has been working in the Missouri Family Law Courts for over 30 years. We know the system and can help your case progress with as little inconvenience as possible and with the best possible results. Learn how King Law Firm can help you with your Family Law case.

    When things go wrong you need an attorney with vast criminal law experience to represent you. King Law Firm has over 30 years experience in dealing with criminal cases. We can evaluate your case and help you make the best decisions. Learn more how King Law Firm can help you with your Criminal Law case.

    Sometimes accidents or injuries “just happen”, but the law recognizes certain injuries or accidents happen as a result of negligence.  King Law Firm handles a variety of injury and accident cases, many resulting in a significant settlement for the client. Learn more about how King Law Firm can help you in your personal injury case.

    Experience + Knowledge + Preparation = Results

    Bad things sometimes happen to good people

    We understand and are here to help provide professional legal services. King Law Firm works with you to understand your rights and the different avenues available to solve your legal issues.


    We get to the core issues

    Many times the original charge can be amended and occasionally the case can be dismissed. Understanding the law is only part of the equation. Experience, knowledge and preparation help King Law Firm clients achieve the best possible outcome for their legal issues.

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