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    Family Law

    Divorce … a word no one plans for and a word no one wants to hear. But sometimes people grow apart .. sometimes their goals change … sometimes you are no longer living with the person you fell in love with …. The process can be overwhelming but here at the King Law Firm we put years of experience to work for you. The end result is a fair and equitable division of the marital assets and debts …… with a parenting plan that is in the best interest of the children .. a parenting plan that addresses the issue of child support and health insurance and tax deductions and college expenses ……a parenting plan that provides for frequent and meaningful interaction / time for both parents to continue a relationship with the children.

    Life is short…you deserve to be happy. Let the King Law Firm help you work through a difficult situation.

    Family law matters can include a variety of situations such as:

    • Divorce
    • Legal Separation
    • Child Custody and Child Support
    • Modifications
    • Paternity Cases
    • Domestic Disputes and Orders of Protection

    Family Law FAQs

    How is child support calculated?

    Rule 88, form 14 – it is a mathematical equation that calculates a presumed amount of child support based on both parent’s income.

    What type of custody arrangements are available?

    Joint legal/joint physical custody is the preference by Missouri courts. Other arrangements are sole legal/sole physical and any combination of the two.

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